Custom Line Limited Edition Blown Glass Goods

You asked for it – so here we come, correct! We are coming straight at you with some limited edition Glass Goods.

That’s right. The folks here at Blown Glass Goods don’t half-step when it comes to serving and meeting the needs and interests of our consumers. We know there’s a whole lot of you out there. Our customers don’t fit in any type of mold. We have everyone from the girly girl, to the street artist, the fashionista, the foodies, and beyond, gettin’ Blown. With our most recent business and production decision, we are aiming to play to the aesthetics and taste of our eclectic family makeup. Our Blown customers are different, unique, and diverse.

Because that reality exists – we wanted to create an alternate reality; maybe we should call it an “ARTenate” reality – haha- get it? Anyway, let’s stay focused. Sorry.

Our focus is on you, family, as we continue to bring you finely constructed American made Glass Goods at a competitive price that allows you to still rock out come the weekend.

You know what though? We have gone even further in meeting the needs of our daily dosers. We looked far and wide, and by the grace of one of our biggest retailers in the United States, 20 past 4 and more in Indiana, linked us up with artist Grey Granite, to create some one-of-a-kind gems for a LIMITED EDITION LINE!

What does that mean? Here’s the scoop. Coming soon will be 250 piece runs of limited edition, still affordable, artistically infused Blown Glass Goods water pipes! You’ll be able to get each of these beauties in the  basic design 50x5mm AND a premium version on 50x9mm w/ a phatter downstem glass ground joint!

Now that trusty sidekick sitting behind the couch, can be brought out to the coffee table and showcased as a collectible smoking accessory – worthy of conversation and praise – through the mikly haze of course! We couldn’t be happier about this opportunity we are providing to our Blown customers. Keep your eyes peeled and be ready when they drop – but don’t drop em! 250 of each design will be produced – when they’re gone, they’re gone. Get yours!

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