Gettin Blown with The Riddims

With the smoke having cleared on 2017, what are some things you’re glad only remain as ash – and what “new growth” so to speak, are you glad to have experienced in the year that’s passed?

This is the first question we asked the New Mexico, high desert Reggae band The Riddims, while sitting down with them recently for another Blown blog sesh. Their frontman Myles Chavez shared with us a bit about how the band as whole felt about 2017.

“2017 was definitely a great year for us. As far as what remains in the ash [that] we are grateful for, I guess we’d have to say personal growth and experience as a band. We overcame a lot of obstacles and came out of them stronger as a brotherhood. And now, because of the things we have overcome, we are ready to fully tackle the year ahead of us,” he said.

Blown can appreciate a story of anyone: band, business, individual, artist, or otherwise, that has overcome challenges – faced and conquered fears and doubt, and come out on the other end. That certainly gets a Blown stamp of approval – battle tested and approved peeps are the kind of folks we like!

Go on…

The Riddims have a big sound, bigger hearts, and the humblest of existences when it comes to talking about them in the context of New Mexico music and art. We asked them about the experience of having a “fan base.”

Well, actually, it was something we phrased more like Brian from Half Baked – we asked… “What’s it like?”

“It’s honestly hard to believe or describe the feeling of gratitude we have for all our fans and followers. We would be nothin’ without the support of our fans… to come from a city that has so much pride in its people is truly a blessing. We have been met with nothing but love from everyone in our city and we are so grateful for everyone who continues to support our movement,” they said.

Again, kudos! These cats turned out to be all they were cracked up to be, and something Blown can certainly get behind.

Appreciating those that helped build a brand, product, sound, or presence aka one’s fans, consumers, and following, is what we are all about. Who knows, maybe these guys can put in some work on the Blown Sweepstakes coming up in 2018? Not a bad idea – we think… as we think out loud, but anyway, back to the interview.

Myles and crew – Myles Chavez (Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals), Donavon Ortiz (Rhythm Guitar), Chris Cruz (Percussion), Petey Gabaldon (Keyboards), Tony Gallegos (Bass), Kevin Sanchez (Drums), gave us a sneak peak into their 2018. The future is green for The Riddims – to say the least.

Myles said, “2018 is gonna be a massive year for us!!! New album , second tour in July with our friends Reviva through six states plus new singles music videos , merchandise and a lot more, it’s just the start for The Riddims.”

Man that sounds great – and like a lot of work all at the same time. We asked these high desert cats about what it might look like when they either gear up – or wind down…Tony took the helm in order to talk about how the band works things out – and we were stoked to hear what he had to say.

“We are all definitely blown fans, mainly water pipes and a few rigs all in different colors and shapes. You could say that many many Riddim songs have been written while using a variety of  blown pieces,” he said, while a “Baby Blue Beaker” sat not far away…

Near or far away, it is easy to see that these Reggae phenoms, will never forget where they came from. We can appreciate and get behind that. Blown is a brand dedicated to remembering our humble beginnings, while continuing to improve and grow in a fashion that makes those who supported us, proud to see what’ve become – we can see the same in this Burque band!

As we rolled up our interview with this six-piece Reggae treat, we figured it best to let you know we plan on keeping tabs on these cloudy headed music makers. Stay tuned for tunes and news from The Riddims as 2018 continues. But for now, pass that one to the left. Bless.